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Frozen Pipes Repair

If it's a freezing cold morning and you don't have any running water, the culprit is most likely frozen pipes. Although a DIY approach to thawing pipes sometimes provides a temporary solution, there's a greater likelihood that you'll make the problem worse, injure yourself in the attempt, or even cause extensive damage to your house. The safe and effective way to get your pipes thawed and your water running again is to call an experienced plumber.

Here in the Columbus area, J. A. M. Plumbing & Drains LLC offers the expertise and dependable service you're looking for. We've been helping local homeowners and businesses fix frozen pipes since 2002, and we'd be happy to get your plumbing taken care of. Whether you're dealing with frozen, leaking, or burst water pipes, we'll know exactly what to do. Give us a call right now for a safe and reliable solution to your frozen pipes problems.

Burst Water Pipe Repairs

Whether your pipes are at risk of rupturing depends on the condition of your plumbing and how long the pipes have been exposed to freezing temperatures. If you don't have a burst water pipe right now, there's a good chance we can prevent that from happening with immediate thawing. We're experts at safely thawing frozen pipes to help you avoid or reduce the damage that ice can cause to your plumbing. If frozen pipes have already ruptured at your home or business, you can depend on our skilled plumbers to get that problem fixed as quickly as possible. We'll correct the damage, get your water flowing properly, and help you prevent frozen water pipes in the future.

When you call the professionals at J. A. M. Plumbing & Drains, you get the benefit of our top-quality workmanship and great customer service. With 18 years of experience fixing frozen pipes and other frustrating plumbing problems, our team is the resource you can turn to whenever you're dealing with a leaking, frozen, or burst water pipe.

We're a licensed (#29708), bonded, and insured, family-owned business, and we're committed to providing folks in the Columbus area with outstanding service. Call or e-mail us for prompt solutions to your emergency or routine plumbing problems. All our work is guaranteed, and we're available for both residential and commercial pipe repairs.

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